Noisy work schedule – w/c 6 February 2017

1 Sloane Gardens

From Monday until Wednesday piling works will continue at Holbein Place. On Wednesday the piling works will complete and work will commence on exposing and breaking piles.

At Sloane Gardens works will centre around breaking upstands and cutting railing between Monday and Wednesday. On Wednesday this work will complete and the piling rig will be mobilised. Piling works will continue from Wednesday until the end of the week.

Cadogan requires contractors to limit this type of noisy high impact work to four hours a day, so please be assured that this should not take place out the hours of 10:00 – 12:00 and 14:00 – 16:00 during weekdays. No works are planned for Saturday or Sunday.

A detailed breakdown of scheduled works is included below.


32 Sloane Gardens

We do not anticipate any noisy works taking place this week.


39/41 Sloane Gardens

During this week works will continue to erect scaffolding to the front and rear of the property. We will also be erecting the hoarding. Additionally, from Wednesday onward, we will start the setup of internal demolition works.

We envisage that this will cause a high level of noise disruption as drilling and hammering will be taking place.

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