Noisy Work Schedule – w/c 26 June 2017

1 Sloane Gardens 

UK Power Network will be working tomorrow (Saturday 24 June)  to deliver the Temporary Building Supply assisted by members of McLaren’s team including traffic marshals who will be on site for the duration of the works. We do not anticipate that this will produce much noise.

See below the construction schedule for 1 Sloane Gardens for w/c 26 June. The works for next week are as follows:

  • Underpinning to the basement of 1 Sloane Gardens
  • Steel and scaffold erection using the tower crane, level 4-5
  • Weather and sound proofing and erection of the crash deck above the shops.
  • Window removal and bracing
  • Scaffold and demolition of chimneys and the roof hut
  • Scaffold erection to party wall at 3 Sloane Gardens
  • Street works to Holbein Place and 1 Sloane Gardens entrance
  • Continuation of hoarding erection
  • Installation of Building wrap

32 Sloane Gardens

We do not anticipate any noisy works taking place this week.

39-41 Sloane Gardens

This week we will be working on basement digging and continuing with the demolition work and works to the roof. There will also be skip loading taking place and scabbling within the vaults to remove render.

We envisage that this will cause a high level of noise disruption as drilling and hammering will be taking place and the work will also include use of a breaker.


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