Monthly Construction Newsletter – January 2017

You can download a copy of the latest construction newsletter here.

1 Sloane Gardens

With construction works commencing on 9th January 2017, the initial task will be to begin piling works for a steel structure which will support the building’s façade while the internal structure is demolished and rebuilt.

Once the supporting structure is erected in mid-June 2017 the site will be fully enclosed to contain dust and debris, but to facilitate its installation:

  • there will be a temporary suspension of parking bay 17 and the bay directly opposite until late March 2017.
  • the footpath outside 1 Sloane Gardens will be temporarily closed until late February 2017.

In addition five parking bays (18-22) and the motorcycle bay on Holbein Place will be suspended until the completion of 1 Sloane Gardens in early 2020. We will also be installing monitoring systems for movement, noise, dust and vibration.

32 Sloane Gardens

With all major demolition and structural strengthening now completed, the works are now focused on the internal fit outs/finishing together with the restoration/renewal of the external fabric. During this period there will be deliveries to and from the site, and we plan to continue the temporary suspension of the parking bays in front of the site from 9th January 2017 to keep the disruption to a minimum.

39/41 Sloane Gardens

With the initial works having started in late 2016, a parking bay outside the site is already suspended and we expect the scaffolding to be fully erected over the next month.

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