Noisy Work Schedule – w/c 31 July

Noisy Work Schedules will be updated every Friday for the projects on Sloane Gardens.

1 Sloane Gardens

See below the construction schedule for 1 Sloane Gardens for w/c 31 July. The works for next week are as follows:

  • Underpinning to the basement of 1 Sloane Gardens
  • Steel erection using the tower crane for the cabin gantry (site entrance)
  • Weather and sound proofing and erection of the crash deck above the shops
  • Window removal and bracing
  • Demolition of level 6

Please be aware work will be carried out on Saturday 5 August, with work taking place in the basement underpinning, floor propping and window bracing – however this will not be high impact work.

32 Sloane Gardens

We do not anticipate any noisy works taking place this week.

39-41 Sloane Gardens

The work undertaken will be;

  • Demolition Works
  • Placement of Steels
  • Skip Loading

Works will be occurring on the Roof Top, Front Facade and Basement.

A detailed breakdown of scheduled works for 1 & 39-41 Sloane Gardens is included below.

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